Apprendre a travers le jeu.

« Rather than pushing children to think like adults, we might do better to remember that they are great learners and to try harder to be more like them »

Seymour Papert (1928 – 2016)

LEGO Professor MIT Media Lab.

The world of today and tomorrow is one of challenges. An increasingly interconnected and dynamic morld mean children today will find themselves changing jobs several times during their lives, and they will have to invent most of those jobs and the job profiles involved.

Many children also face hardship in the shape of stress, poverty and conflict.

In recent decades, the scientific community has found increasing evidence that infants and children are constantly learning, connecting and engaging with their surroundings through positive playful experiences.

From moments pretending to discover a new country in one’s own home to the hours spent building a tree house in the garden, play and childhood go hand in hand.


Joy is the heart of play.

Actively Engaging

Imagine a child who’s fully absorbed in playing with a set of building blocks. She is actively imagining how the pieces will go together and is so engrossed that she fails to hear her father call her for dinner.


Is when the child can relate new experiences to something already known.


Trying out possibilities, revising hypotheses and discovering the next question.

Socially interactive

Social interaction is a powerful tool for both learning and play.


Attention, self-control, spatial understanding, motivation and confidence, problem-solving and reflexion.

Lionel / LEGO Foundation 2020